Why Hire Marie Grabo Designs To Help With Your Decorating Projects ?Decorating Projects

Hi, I’m Marie Grabo. I have been blessed to have helped many wonderful clients through their decorating projects.  My clients come from many different walks in life and with different needs. Some just wanted my input while others got nervous at any mention of doing anything relating to decorating on their own, and others fell somewhere in between. Here are some of the reasons you would hire me.

  • You love a casual and elegant look. I do that well, and I work with you to create beautiful spaces that you can live in and afford.
  • Perhaps you are a novice who doesn’t have a clue where to start-I
    will guide you step by step.
  • You’re a creative soul who knows what she/he likes but feels more confident with a second opinion
  • You’re busy, you want a beautiful home but no time to source everything or plan it out
  • You are are selling your home and are not sure how to stage it for top dollar and a quick sale
  • You love the idea that your stager is also a Realtor and knows what buyers are looking for
  • Your budget does not allow for full service interior design but you want your home to look like a designer did it.
  • Company coming? You just want a quick little redo or refresh to impress your guests. My one day redesign service is perfect  for you! 
  • You saw a room in a magazine that you love but looks way too pricey! No sweat, I can show you how to get the look for less!

Did I leave you out?  I certainly hope not! Feel free to contact me and let me know what you need.
I will provide the room ideas, the designs, the interior design plan, and the guidance you will need to create the rooms of your dreams! 


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