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Here is the story of the staging I did for Cathy & Henry’s home in North Branford, CT

Most of the walls were painted an unflattering gray tone so we began our staging by repainting most of the rooms a pale green which worked beautifully with the wood tones throughout the home and gave it a fresh inviting feel.

*Tip: Cool tones work great with wood moldings 

Let’s start with…

Staging the Foyer

There was a small table with a small lamp which wasn’t in scale with the table that was visible as soon as you walked in from the front door. Not necessarily a bad choice of furnishings, a larger lamp and a mirror would have worked nicely here but we already had that on the back wall. Instead, I thought a nice settee would serve a function, as well as look pretty in its place. *Tip:  It’s always nice to have a place to sit and put on your shoes or wait for a ride if you have guests…if you can fit it add a seat in the foyer or entry.

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Staging The Dining Room, Home Office & Living Room

Off the foyer to the right is the doorway to the dining room which was once Cathy’s home office (See the middle image above).

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We decided to move the home office to the room she was using as a living room, and move the dining room, which was where the living room should be. 

Cathy had a lovely collection of teacups which we displayed on the table and the hutch. She happened to have a picture of a tea room which worked perfectly here, hence we had a theme. We also lightened up the windows with some casual sheers. The walls once an orange tone, now a pale fresh green.

*Tip: Stage the rooms according to their original functions. Display collections in a group. Make the rooms appear light and bright by removing heavy window treatments and dark painted walls.

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Staging-Cathy Z Home Office
This room was once a small cramped living room and is now the perfect home office.
Staging the home office
New Home Office Staging

Staging The Kitchen

 Staging dining room-before picture
Old Kitchen Eating Area                                                                                                                       The kitchen dining area felt cluttered so we removed the shelf over the windows and added  simple drapes that match the new fresh green walls and the rest of the home’s decor.

*Tip: Declutter and simplify

Staging-Cathy Z Dining Area
Kitchen After Staging

Cathy had this lovely little antique table she used as an island. In a perfect world it would have been nice for it to be an actual kitchen island, but I felt it was charming enough to stay.

*Tip: Buyers today love kitchen islands. If you can add one to your kitchen. 

That completes the downstairs Staging, so lets go up, shall we?

Staging The Bedrooms & Baths

Cathy and Henry’s home is a 4 bedroom colonial with 3 full baths. We staged this one bedroom as a craft room.

*Tip: Not every buyer needs a 4 bedroom house. Chances are people needing 3 bedrooms will look at a 4BR house if it’s in their price range. Show them how they can use the extra space creatively.

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This next bedroom became a sweet retreat by removing the bulky built ins, and creating the proper furniture arrangement.  Fresh bedding and art added the “B&B” feel we were after.

*Tip:We saved money by accessorizing with flea market finds.

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The third bedroom, the smallest of the 4, was a deep amber tone, which we lightened up with the ethereal green used throughout the rest of the home.

*Tip: Many times it’s best to leave the windows bare when staging. It brightens up the room and helps it to appear less cluttered.

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Staging the Master Bedroom 

The master is a good size room. It was not in the budget to replace the carpet so I worked with it. We needed to update the bedding in the master as well, remove the wall mounted lamps and rethink the nightstands, window treatments, and furniture placement. 

master bedroom decor before staging
Master Bedroom Before Staging
master bedroom before staging
Before Staging


Master Bedroom After Staging
Master Bedroom After Staging
Master Bedroom After Staging 2
Master Bedroom After Staging 2

*Tip: If the carpet is older and or not a neutral color it should be replace to appeal to more buyers when staging.

Staging the Master & Guest Bathrooms

We replaced the shower curtain in the master bedroom as well as the guest bath. Below is the master bath before paint and staging.

We softened the space with the pale green wall color we used downstairs, removed the dated window valance, updated the lighting and accessories.

*Tip: Buyers love shiny new fixtures. It’s not that expensive to replace faucets, hardware, and lighting when you shop at the big box stores. I love ebay for sinks and faucets and have found fantastic buys there!

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Below is the old shower curtain we replaced from the guest bath and the guest bath after staging.

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*Tip: when staging, whenever possible update bathrooms with solid surface counters, new sinks, fixtures, and tile. It will give you the biggest bang for your buck when selling. The right accessories can create a whole new look and feel when working with a smaller budget.

Some Final Improvements

We also made some nice changes to their back screened porch. The furniture was a mismatch of many different styles. I loved the lodge feel it had as it lended to the overall B&B feeling I wanted to achieve but this room needed a more cohesive look.

Staging Kathy's Back Porch
Staging Cathy’s Old Back Porch

Here’s what we did… We removed the old recliners and the 1950 retro table (very cool but not in keeping with look) and replaced them with patio furniture that Cathy had stored away. We added some new cushions, an inviting table setting and… wala!

*Tip: It’s not always necessary to keep it too simple. Sometimes leaving a bit of “personality” helps the buyers to remember the house as it will stand out in their mind, because remember, they could be looking at several houses in one day!

Staging the back porch
Staged Back Porch
Staging with painted bicycle on porch
Get Creative to Get Your Home Noticed! Here we used an old painted bicycle as a planter to add wow factor to the front porch. My inspiration came from Wayfair.com I can’t take the credit for the finished project. Cathy did a great job all on her own! I love these painted bicycles so much, I made one for myself and put in my garden.  I’m going to post about it soon so stay tuned! 

The Less Is More Concept

When it comes to staging it’s all about using restraint, as we had to use many times here and throwing in a little creativity. Less is more when staging a home to sell, but it’s such a delicate balance! You want the buyers to feel like the rooms are spacious, on the same token you want enough pretty decor, that looks comforting enough to draw them in, and make them want to stay, and buy it! It may take a trained eye to decipher what’s going to turn your buyers on. Some have it and others don’t. 

Know what to remove and clear out, and what to keep and purchase because bland, boring, and empty is not going to sell your house!  You don’t want to clear everything out where it looks boring and uninviting, and keep too much either, where it appears too cluttered and heavily decorated! You need to give the buyers room to think, to imagine themselves living in the home,  while giving them ideas of what works great in an odd nook…keeping them interested and involved…Do you know what I mean?

For instance, I find that when there is a really tiny bedroom,  it’s best to fit the necessary items that anyone would need into that space, in a creative way, that shows the buyer, “hey, this room is small but it does work!”.  You don’t want to eliminate important furniture pieces to make the room appear larger. The buyers will think they won’t be able to fit theirs. You have to solve their problems in advance and don’t want them taking out their tape measures to figure out if their dresser is going to fit in the space. Have one there so they know that it will, not hidden in the closet to make the room appear larger.

In my opinion for such a major event as selling your home and trying to get top dollar for it, it’s always a good idea to at least get a consultation from an expert. If you’d like to consult with me I offer several options, near or far  I’m just a phone call or email away!



The Staging of a North Branford CT Home
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