Redecorating One To One With Marie!
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Redecorating is a breeze when you’ve got a decorator up your sleeve!  OK, sorry that’s a bit corny! But seriously, I’m here for you if you have a question or two. (OMG I can’t seem to stop rhyming :))

Have you visited my Interior Design Process & FAQs page yet?  I let you in on the whole design process and answer a lot of frequently asked questions.

For those who are in the process of redecorating or even starting new and need your questions answered ASAP,  I’m here with the quick free advice you need. Ask away! 

 I promise to answer within 48 hours!Choosing chairs for redecorating
Redecorating is so much fun! The anticipation for the transformation is just exhilarating!  You’re Finally ready to add new life to your space, spiff things up! Change is good!  I’m excited just thinking about the joy you’re going to get from your projects and the new spaces you’ll create!

Redecorating Big or Small

 Don’t feel you can only come to me with a full fledged renovation project! Even if you just need help picking out a lamp or my advice for which project to do first, maybe help with adding some wow factor…anything! Just ask me! I’m happy to help. I love to coach and I love! love! love to see what creations I’ve inspired in you!  You must be sure to share your projects with me and send in your pictures!

I may even give you your own “Brag Page” so you can show off your gorgeous new space to your friends… And help inspire others with your great questions!

Many times I may need to see a picture of your rooms and the rooms close by to give you the best answers. So it will help if you send one or two or have them available if needed. Just use my email link below to send them along and be sure to add the same subject you use on the form so I know they’re yours. Easy right? So go ahead and ask away :)! FYI here are some tips for taking great interior shots:  How To Take Beautiful Home Photos

Please send your room pictures to:  HERE

My email link will open in a new tab for your convenience 


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