Painting a Chandelier The Easy Way

This is how painting a chandelier with chalk paint turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful updated swan! Let me tell you the story…


I found this old vintage chandelier at a resale shop. I had been searching for it for awhile because I had fallen in love with this painted chandelier I found on Google Images.

Painted Chandelier
This was my inspiration. Sorry I don’t know who the photographer is.

vintage chandelier for painting a chandelier


It was perfect for my client, so I thought,  since she had a small budget and I had  big ideas, lol. (Isn’t that always the way?)

As it turned out, Olga although she loved the idea of painting a chandelier was a bit nervous about whether it was going to work after going through the trouble of hanging it. So we opted to go with a new one, which we both love!

So now I have this great vintage chandelier that the resale shop won’t take back and I’m having a hard time trying to resell it on Craigslist and the Facebook tag sales.

Crystal ChandelierWell I got to thinking…looking at the chandelier in my dining room, which has been there for 17 years…Wondering, “maybe it’s time for a change?” After all, I really loved that inspiration picture! Maybe I was meant to find that old chandelier for me and not for Olga?

I decided to test the water and see what I could get for my chandelier. I could sell it, and repay Olga, without having to absorb the cost myself! Great idea, right?!

So I got to painting the chandelier a provincial blue. Turns out painting a chandelier using chalk paint is just so easy! A hell of alot easier than trying to spray it.  It went over the brass like butter! The coverage was amazing! Nothing like it!Painting a Chandelier

I didn’t quite like the color as much, so I went over it with a navy blue which worked better with my room. Honestly, I believe this chandelier  was meant for my dining room and I couldn’t be happier how it all worked out. I ended up with multiple offers on my original crystal chandelier and the vintage chandelier worked with no issues! A win-win for all!

Painting a chandelier is a great way to revive an old outdated ugly duckling. They look so pretty painted! The hardest part may be deciding on what color to paint it. Have fun with your next DIY project. Feel free to ask me questions!

Painted chandelierPainted chandelier

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Painting a Chandelier

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