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Interior Barn Doors

A Trend That’s Getting a Lot of Attention Lately

It has certainly turned my head again!

It’s funny because I saw this fantastic barn door idea many moons ago. Just a couple of years after moving into my house I asked my contractor/friend Anthony to come by so we could discuss ways to give me more closet space in my bedroom.

I have bi-fold doors. They’re pretty six panel doors, but when they are open I lose some access on either side of the closet because they fold into each other which takes up more space than I’d like.  So…

I asked Anthony if he had heard of the doors that slide back and forth on an exterior track like a barn door?  Of course I couldn’t find the picture I had seen (always save your inspiration pics…tuck them in a folder…you never know when you’ll need them!) and he hadn’t a clue of what I was talking about or where to get such hardware. Now they are popping up everywhere! Home Depot is finally carrying them. And why not! They are such a great idea! I’m just surprised the trend has taken so long to become trendy, lol if that makes sense?

Interior Barn Doors Aren’t Just Really Cool

They are practical and gorgeous too. They’re perfect for

  • a small space like a powder room where the average door closes in and takes up precious space
  • you don’t want to rip out walls to add a pocket door.
  • to give privacy when needed when it’s not feasible to have a traditional door
  • to close off a hallway…
  • and give your home super Wow appeal!

Oh But They Are So Darn Pretty!

Take a look at these gorgeous inspirational barn door pictures I put together for you from Amazon.  They don’t sell the doors on Amazon just the hardware, which allows you to really get creative! And I’m here to help you with that!

*note- I am an Amazon affiliate and do get a small commission if you purchase from one of my links on this site. I promise to only recommend products I’ve used and tested or that have positive reviews. For your convenience the images will open in another tab. 

Barn Door Ideas & Hardware

Blue Barn door
Short On Space

These cute doors are the perfect solution for having privacy when you need it. They are smaller to accommodate a smaller opening. As you guessed you can easily customize this concept! There are tons of options available for hardware too.*note all the hardware is for sale right here.

Interior Barn Door and Hardware
Keep Out The Cold Drafts

What a great way to close off a cold entry when you need to with this gorgeous barn door concept. You don’t have to have the farmhouse style decor to enjoy this great look and functionality. And what an affordable and an easy diy project! The doors are an easy find at any big box store, and the hardware is right here!

Barn door Closes off bedroom 
 Another great idea using barn door hardware!

Create a bedroom or private retreat without losing precious floor space. Love the frosted glass don’t you?

Green Barn Doors
Everybody Out Of The Kitchen

Keep people out of your kitchen while your whipping up your chef’s delight and save the dishes for later with this great barn door idea
Keep Out The Cold Drafts

Rustic Barn Door
Where There’s a Will…

When you want the look but don’t have the wall space these slide over doors are a great idea! The hardware is like jewelry!

shiplap barn door-yescom 
For The Love Of Shiplap

So how easy are these barn doors to make?? I would say pretty easy… you’d grab a couple of hollow plain closet doors at the big box stores, and glue and nail thin planks or wide beadboard paneling horizontally, paint it up pretty, and slap on the lovely hardware and you’ve have yourself very stylish barn doors! Got to love it!


barn door Florida room
Open Air

When I lived in Florida we had interior sliders going out to our “Florida Room”.  They were heavy and ugly!  These stylish barn doors are stunning!  


contemporary barn doors
The Masculine Edge

Cool and sophisticated and the hardware goes perfectly! I’m so amazed at all the options!


Easy Barn Door DIY
Simple DIY

This is such a simple diy project you can do with simple plain closet doors. Dress them up with wallpaper, stenciling, wood graining…so many possibilites!




More More More!

Bottom Line

This is an easy and affordable diy project if you choose.  You could easily find an affordable door you love (or build one) and just buy the cool hardware and do it yourself!  At the time of this post I believe Home Depot’s prices for barn doors and hardware are close to $500 depending on size I’m sure. Not bad for the amount of style you’ll get but…

An affordable alternative is to find a door from a resale shop, antique shop, flea market…or re-purpose a door from one of the big box stores. The barn door hardware is as little as $60. Hanging it and installing the hardware…well I believe everything is figureoutable!

An average hollow core door at Home Depot or Lowes is as little as $40.

6-Panel Textured Hardboard 1-3/8" Interior Hollow Core Door Slab barn-door-home-depot
contemporary interior and closet doors Home Depot Barn Door

Barn Door Hardware

The folks over at Paper Daisy Design built a gorgeous 4 panel door for under $50. Go Check it out. They give step by step instructions.

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