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Here Are 5 Sure Ways To Tell:

1. You Want Your Home To Look Nice But You Can’t Decide What You Like.

I was contacted several years ago by a wonderful woman who said she needed to hire an interior designer and would I come and give her a consultation.

When I arrived at her home, I assumed she had recently moved in because she was using a TV tray for a side table, there was a sofa and love-seat in an odd furniture arrangement, the paint color on the walls was dreary, there were temporary window coverings, and really no other furniture. When she told me they had lived there for over 2 years, I was shocked!

She confessed to me that every time she went to buy furniture and home decor she got so overwhelmed that she just left the store. She just couldn’t make a decision! Her husband finally told her to “please, hire someone!”.  

I smile as I remember this as we both laughed really hard. We have become good friends over the years as I have enjoyed helping them transform their beautiful home one room at a time. 

If you are having a hard time making decorating decisions, it’s time you hire an interior designer or interior decorator! I promise you will feel relieved!

2. All of Your Furniture Is Up Against A Wall

You may need to hire an interior designer if your seating arrangements aren’t set up so that you can easily see and talk to the persons who are seated in the room with you without using a megaphone or getting a crick in your neck, then you should seek help and get a professional furniture arrangement done. It will save your neck and your voice 🙂 and you’ll be so much more comfy!

3. You Still Have No Window Treatments

I’m in so many homes that have been lived in for quite some time but still haven’t any window treatments because the homeowners didn’t know what to choose. Choosing the right window treatments takes creativity and skill and if you are unsure if you have what it takes then you should hire an interior designer. It can turn out to be a costly mistake if you don’t! The great thing about window treatments is they are the cherry on the sundae and will give your rooms that finished touch! Also you won’t have to wear your sunglasses inside 🙂

4.  Everything is Beige and “Neutral”

If your home has a lot of beige and neutral colors it can read as boring. Your home should be a reflection of your personality. Most who opt for the beige’s and neutrals many times do so because they are afraid to commit to a color or colors because they are worried they will tire of them quickly or they’ll make the wrong decisions and be stuck with them. Others just feel that neutral colors are going to give them that calming, relaxed feel they are after.  Neutrals when done right can be fun and interesting when used with lots of texture and contrast, but when not pulled off right, will read as dull and uninteresting. Life is too short to not love the spaces you live in! Get some help. Have your interior designer give you a few different options. Soft color can be just as relaxing so you don’t have to go all neutral and beige!  I like to have my clients pick an inspiration piece such as a piece of fabric, a pillow, an article of clothing, rug…which will provide a starting point for a color scheme. There are many ways to add pops of color to a space without having to commit to dramatic changes like room color changes or new furniture. Having a professional help you add some pizzazz to your home will give you a new outlook! And keep your guest from falling asleep 🙂

5. Suppose I Don’t Like It? What If I Can’t Afford It?

Hire an interior designer to help with a decorating plan
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You love the beautiful rooms you see in magazines and on TV and you wish you could have a home that looks as good!

What stops so many people from hiring a professional is they secretly worry that an interior designer is going to come through their home, make them change everything, and then they’re afraid they won’t like it after spending loads of money!  

So allow me to set you straight on this if this is you.  A good designer will make suggestions working closely within your budget and according to your taste and personality!  She (or he) should provide you with a design plan with visuals and an estimate of the costs. You in the end make the final decisions (unless you give them creative license like many of my clients have because they trust me)! 

Most home decor is returnable. Paint can be changed. However fixtures such as cabinets, tile, granite…will require more careful thought. Go ahead and get a consultation! I help my clients to do it themselves if they are budget conscious and or have their own sense of style but just need a little guidance. That way they have a plan and can implement it when they want. I’m always available for questions.

So for crying out loud, just do it! Call me! Call someone! Just do it!

If you relate to 2 or more of these scenarios you should hire an interior designer or an interior decorator. What’s the difference? Go here to find out

Wishing you comfort & joy,


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5 Ways to Know If You Need To Hire An Interior Designer?
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