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welcome to e design services for marie grabo designs

 We love making it easy for our clients to DIY with our room design e design services!

Who needs to hire an interior designer when you can get a step by step room design, ideas, decorating plans, room color schemes… from a professional designer right here!? We’ll provide you with all the tools you’ll need to implement your dream rooms with our diy decorating instructions, interior decorating inspiration pictures, and so much more! It’s virtually (no pun intended 😉 ) just like hiring a designer without the hefty price tag! We’ll even give you shopping resources! You get to do all the fun stuff like seeing it all come together on your own schedule. You must promise to send us your after pictures, pretty please 😀

Pick an e design plan and let’s get started!

E Design Snippet for Decorating


Premium virtual E design Service from Marie Grabo Designs and Interior guidance.comThis is the next best thing to having a designer actually be there in your rooms with you! With our Room-inator room design e design service you’ll upload your room photos with measurements, we help you determine your design style from our style quiz, and we’ll send interior design pictures of room decorating ideas, based on your style.  All you have to do is follow our “how to” design guide and get ready for the ooows! and ahhhs! from all your friends!  You’ll also get a “best finds” shopping guide, a designer at your fingertips, and more! Who gets to have all the fun while we do all the work? You do!

 Included per room:
  • Design Ideabook
  • How To Guide
  • Customized Room Layout
  • Shopping Guide
  • Designer Coaching via Skype or phone
  • 100% Guarantee
COST: Reg $250
       $149  Designer Special

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E design Ideabook snippet for DIY decorating

Get your next design project started on the right foot!
Sometimes all you need is a little design advice and inspiration from a professional. Who has time to scour through endless design magazines only to get more confused, right?
So let us put together an E Design ideabook specifically for your room! Take our style quiz first so we can help you determine your decorating style, send us your room pictures and we’ll put together a gorgeous ideabook stuffed full with stunning designer inspiration pictures and decorating ideas! Each beautiful design picture will have notes on what we like in each photo and tips on how to add the ideas into your room. Perfect for the DIYer. Easy!
Included per room :

  • e Design Ideabook With Designers Notes & Tips
  • 10 or More Decorating Photos Included -Specifically Appealing To Your Design Style.
  •  100% Guarantee
  • COST: $75         

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