How This Diy Project Gave Olga A Cool Kitchen Coffee BarDiy Project Coffee Bar for Olga

This Diy project is a great addition to any kitchen but especially for a small kitchen like my client Olga has. She was in desperate need of a new kitchen since hers was seriously stuck in 1970! So we gutted it to create a kitchen /dining room open layout. (stayed tuned for the whole makeover post coming soon) Olga had some extra space and asked if I could put a little coffee station there for her so she could get her coffee pot off the precious counter space she has and also create some extra storage for her glasses and…hence the “Cool Kitchen Coffee Bar” idea was born!

Always up for a good diy project my creative juices started flowing, with a lot of inspiration from Pinterest (go there to see my inspiration pins), here’s what we came up with.

 Inspiration For Diy Project Coffee Station
I apologize for not knowing whom this photo belongs to.



This ended up being my number one diy inspiration picture.

I had been hearing a lot about painting furniture with Chalk paint and how it’s so easy to work with, I was anxious to try it. It amazingly easy! Not having to sand and remove the old finish makes painting furniture a breeze! And then not having to work with toxic fumes and sticky polyurethane really motivates me to take on more furniture refinishing! It’s such a pleasure to see the transformation but always such a daunting messy task! Until Chalk Paint, yea!!

With this diy project I was going for a modern farmhouse look. I found the picture to the left to be perfect inspiration! So I set my sites out for a small kitchen cabinet that I could give a farmhouse look to, you know, make it looked aged and a bit distressed (kind of like me, oh my! lol-cancelling that thought now!!). Buying new wasn’t really in the budget. Besides diy is so much more fun! So luckily I found the perfect cart in one of my favorite junk shops .

 I purchased the Chalk Paint from Hobby Lobby. Not Annie Sloan’s, but my research said it was a close substitute, “Americana Decor”, and Annie Sloan’s is hard to find, plus you have to purchase a whole quart when a small amount goes a long way! I mean, how often am I going to need red chalk paint? I was only doing one piece.

The substitute worked well. I was impressed with how it covered and the final finish is a smooth satin, antiqued looked. It dries really fast,too!


unpainted kitchen coffee cart for diy project
Finished Red DIY Project Coffee Station Painted Using Chalk Paint
Painted using chalk paint

 I also painted the hardware which was brushed nickel…watch the video to see how I did it. Warning, my video skills need a little practice since I’m new at it.

Diy Project For Olga’s Coffee Bar

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