DIY Decorating Tools For Easy Breezy Design Plans

tape measure for diy decorating


Furniture Cutouts & Graph Paper

Every DIY decorating project needs the right tools to get started. The best way to start interior designing or redecorating is to start with a room plan. Here are two great tools I use daily that help me plan out my design projects. You will be surprised how handy this graph paper is going to be as well as the furniture templates.   

 *I recommend printing out the cutouts on thicker paper.

Furniture Cutouts 1/4=1′ 

Diy Projects Furniture Templates
Furniture Templates


No need to go out to buy graph paper. Here’s a link to print your own. 1/4 inch square is equal to 1 ft.

Graph Paper 1/4″ =1′

DIY project graph paper

Here are two  other tools I use:’s Ideabooks & Pinterest Boards

…and with these next two tools,  you’ll find really cool inspiration from the prettiest  interior  design pictures for your DIY decorating projects. Study the pictures. Look for elements in the rooms that could work in your space too. When I’m looking for inspiration I know when a design element in the picture is the perfect inspiration for the room I’m working on when it jumps out at me and actually sort of takes my breath away.  That’s how I know it’s right and I can make the decision to go in that direction and source out something similar for the space I’m designing. Does that make sense? These tools are all free. Make as many ideabooks as you want, I do! You can make them public or private too! And definitely have fun and SHARE!!! Contact me if you need a second opinion!

Create Idea boards- Pinterest

Use Pinterest for DIY Decorating

Create Ideabooks-Houzz

Tool for DIY Decorating

The Mood Board Tool

I use this mood board tool to put all my individual elements together…the lamps I like, the sofa I like, room color scheme swatches…It helps me to envision it in the space and see how they work together. sometimes I use a photo editor to crop a design element I found in an online picture the I can download it to my computer and upload it to the mood board.

Mood boards

Use this tool for your DIY decorating 3D

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