I’ve been busy creating fun DIY deck decor on a dime… sourcing deck cushions,  finding creative sun blocking solutions for my deck, paining mirrors, creating garden art… I started with giving my chaise lounge cushions a makeover!

My old cushions were faded and ugly!

Old chaise lounge cushion for DIY deck decor

I searched around for new ones to replace them but couldn’t find any patterns I liked that were reasonably priced. All the ones I sort of liked were over $100 per cushion and they were either a solid color or not anything that I really loved and just had to have!

So, being the resourceful, where there’s a will there’s a way, kind a gal that I am, I decided to just purchase some “Sunbrella” like fabric and just slip cover them.  I got this great fabric at a perfect price from Joann fabrics.  The perfect diy deck decor solution!

And yes I sewed them myself. They were so easy, just straight line sewing, two pieces together like a pillowcase!  Anybody can do it!  I found the greatest fabric with the most gorgeous colors that go perfectly with my deck decor theme!

DIY deck decor sunbrella fabric


DIY Deck Decor Deck Cushion.DIY Deck Decor

I also needed an awning to keep the sun out of our eyes when we are sitting around the table.  The sun is blinding as it sets.  A matchstick blind could have done the trick, but I wanted to use the opportunity to create some wow factor!    So how did I do it?  I sewed two pieces of fabric side by side to give me the width I needed.  I sewed in 2 rod pockets.  I used PVC piping for the rods so they wouldn’t rot and pvc end caps on the end of each rod.  I then used plastic clamps to secure the rod to the structure.  Really simple!

pvc pipe clamp
Buy at Home Depot

To add extra charm I spray painted a flea market found mirror
and hung a candle chandelier over the dining table.  So what do you think of my DIY deck decor? Hope I gave you some good ideas! Would love for you to share yours!!  Next up…a cool garden art idea!    Who’s coming to my next party??:)

DIY Deck Decor Deck ChandelierDIY Deck Decor painted deck mirror

DIY Deck Decor!
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