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They’re more than just dish flowers! If you all have been following me you know that I’ve added Real Estate to my resume’. If you don’t already know, it’s customary to give a little token of appreciation to our buyers and sellers here in CT for choosing to do business with us. Well, it may not be customary for all, but back in the 80’s when I was a Realtor that’s what we did, and I plan on carrying on the tradition. It’s really just a housewarming gift to help them feel welcome in their new “crib”, lol. (See! I’m not that old, I’m still cool) and I believe it has to be under a certain dollar amount ( so it’s not considered a bribe)…which brings me to my new love of what I like to call “Garden Art Dish flowers”. I discovered these gorgeous glass garden dish flowers on Pinterest (so much eye candy there!) and have been addicted! So I thought what a great idea! how much fun it would be to make these garden dish flower suncatchers  for my clients too! Here are a few I’ve made so far, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!:

(scroll down for how to make them) :

How To Make Garden Suncatcher DishFlowers

I gathered together some old plates, votive candle holders and such from my archives, tag sales, junk shops…you can use ceramic, porcelain, clay dishes, or glass. Really anything would work but I like my plates to have a bit of elegance to them so I shy away from plastic or acrylic. You can opt to secure them together with glue or drill through them with a glass drill bit and small screws, plastic washers, and a nut (great for the heavier ones) So far I’ve only used glue-E6000 clear or GE Silicone outdoor. Both have worked great so far however, I prefer the E6000 when I use metal. I’ll explain-

I attach a hammered out flat bent spoon to the back of most of my plates which hold them up on a rod. I hammer a thin pvc or thin metal pipe into my garden bed or container pot and the spoon handle rests inside it to hold the dish flower up. I’ve also used a square glass vase and used a dowel instead of a pole to hold it. I had one spoon come loose when I used the silicone to secure the spoon to the the back of the plate and have since only used the E6000 for this type of connection. I find the silicone is better for glass to glass.

That’s it. They are fun to make. Requires a little patience and sourcing for the right dishes. Be creative. I love dishes with wavy edges that mimic a flower. I love working with colored glass dishes. The options are endless. I warn you it can be addictive (the dish flower making not the glue lol,  but seriously keep a window open, this stuff is potent!)

glue for dishflowers-E6000 or GE silicone

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Dish Flowers In CT Gardens
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