Olga’s Country Kitchen Inspiration

Olgas Country Kitchen Inspiration
Finding the perfect country kitchen inspiration can be a challenge! 

As a decorator I’m responsible for helping my clients make the best choices so It takes a lot of consideration and kitchen inspiration pictures for finding them the perfect home decor.  I need to make sure it’s not only going to look good but it’s going to function appropriately to my customers’ lifestyle. I’m working with my clients Olga and Lou again. I previously decorated their living room, Bathroom and Lou’s man cave (their basement). We are now venturing into the kitchen which is going to be a complete makeover!  We are keeping with the rest of the modern country style throughout the home and going with a country kitchen design. We’ll add some rustic decor and pottery from Portugal in honor of their family heritage.

With the carpenters scheduled for November, it’s time to start sourcing and find the right kitchen inspiration! We need flooring, a kitchen sink, a faucet, backsplash, lighting, appliances and decor. The custom cabinets are ordered and just waiting on the carpenters to do their thing (knock down a wall to create an open kitchen/dining room and remove the old 70’s tile) so we’ll need the sink and faucet asap! The sink was easy to choose. Olga washes her own dishes and does her own cooking. No maid yet 😐 Because I care about function for Olga and want to make her life easier as well as filled with more comfort and beauty, I want her to have a nice big square stainless sink with no divider. olgas sink idea for her country kitchenA farmhouse sink would work as well with our country kitchen design plan but a bit too costly and not as easy to clean as stainless steel. This big sink will be easy to put a nice large pan in or a cookie sheet! Love that!

The kitchen faucet is the issue to date! Form vs. function-which to choose?

Without spending a fortune on a kitchen faucet, because they can get pricey, do we choose a simple one handle goose-neck with the hose that pulls out of it? Very common, not much wow factor to it, yet very functional, affordable, and perfect for a country kitchen (Yes, a faucet can have wow factor!).


Country Kitchen Inspiration Image For Gooseneck Faucet Choice
Love This Kitchen Inspiration Picture

Or do we go with a more decorative double handle raised base with a separate hose like the faucets in these kitchen images (which I can find on Ebay)?

Country Kitchen Double Handle Faucet
My Favorite Kitchen Inspiration Yet!

I want Olga to enjoy her new kitchen and have it function well! Will this pretty kitchen faucet function well for her? It’s in many decorating pictures and design magazines. Do the people that live in them not do their own dishes so they don’t really care if it takes a little more effort to turn on the hot and cold separately?  Or are the magazine decorating pictures just of showrooms, made to look like the real deal?Country Kitchen Double Handle Faucet For Design Inspiration

This faucet will take 2 holes cut for the hot and cold plus we’ll need a sprayer, and a soap dispenser of course. (Nothing worse than a bottle of Palmolive sitting on the counter when we have these beautiful affordable soap dishes that look so neat and pretty!) The single faucet only needs one hole and possibly a sprayer and soap dish, or we can go with the super simple goose-neck with sprayer in the neck which only requires 1 hole, (but we still need the soap dish, it’s a must have!). It’s more common and less decorative.Country Kitchen Image Of Square-Neck Faucet

I found something similar to the square-neck in the picture, on Ebay. It’s very affordable but it’s coming from China and does not have a brand name. I really like it and I like the price. It’s so inexpensive that even if it doesn’t last long it would be worth the risk.
So, which would you choose for this country kitchen?

Country Kitchen Inspiration
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